Wednesday, August 27, 2014

For the Love of Lavender

Lavender is my favorite scent of all time, and I have been warming up to lavender as a color. I normally find it to be too girly or unflattering, but used in the right way and in the right shade, I think it can be so chic. A pop of lavender with flowers for a home is my new favorite {I picked these up from the Athens Farmer's Market while in Georgia this past weekend!}, and lavender nail polish is something I've been playing with for a while. I picked up Essie's "Warm and Toasty Turtleneck" from TJ Maxx, and cannot wait to wear it all throughout fall. And this laundry detergent by Roux Maison is the best smelling - it actually makes me excited to do laundry! 

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