Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Apple Pie

I never used to love baking, and pie was definitely not my favorite dessert, but now I am kind of addicted to both. Even though we are trying to watch what we eat from now until our wedding, I really wanted to make an apple pie this fall; I tried a delicious recipe I found on Food + Wine's website, referred to as "Perfect Apple Pie" {here}. Not only was it amazing, I used my beehive cookie cutter from Williams-Sonoma to make it a Beyoncé-themed pie. This is what a diehard Queen Bey fan looks like...or just a crazy person, you decide. Happy Fall! :)


  1. Love the beehive addition! Such a cute idea.


  2. I bet your apple pie tasted delicious! It looks terrific, love the beehive! xo

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