Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Current Necessities

I go through phases of my everyday, go-to accessories and beauty items; I used to be strictly silver when it came to jewelry, and wore pink nail polish on my fingers religiously.  Currently, I am obsessed with gold jewelry and white + turquoise nails even through summer is technically over {I love seasonal nail polish, but I also like to break the rules!} Below is my current favorites {including The Candle Lab's "Wasabi" candle - always a necessity!} 

Essie's "Blanc" and "Turquoise and Caicos" nail polish, Gorjana paperclip necklace, heirloom gold + diamond hoops earrings, Gorjana ring {here}, heirloom gold + sapphire ring


  1. Those rings are so sweet and what an interesting necklace!

    I, too, love seasonal nail polish and have broken out some dark, moody colours for Fall..but then again, those are my faves.

    PS - I'm curious as to how a wasabi candle smells.. (other than the obvi ;)

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  3. love your jewelry!

  4. Love LC's book and that tray is so cute and girlie!!! New to your blog and love it btw.


  5. oh my goodness, obsessed with those rings. And so glad to see Lauren's book. I know she appreciates the love. Fab post, hun. If you get a moment, I have two new looks I'd love to hear your thoughts on. :) xo