Monday, October 21, 2013

Five Shades of Red

Although I love pretty much every nail color out there, I am a firm believer that classic red is always in style, no matter the season.  My go-to red shade of nail polish has been OPI's "Big Apple Red", but I am in the market for a new one and am open to trying a new hue.  Below are a few shades of red nail color that I have my eye on - have you ever tried any of these colors and/or brands?  What is your go-to red?

Five Shades of Red

1. NARS' "Dovima" {here}
2. Tom Ford's "Scarlet Chinois"via Nordstrom {here}
3. RGB's "Classic Red" via Net-A-Porter {here}
4. Lancome's "Miss Coquelicot" via Nordstrom {here}
5. Formula X for Sephora's "Pyrotechnic" {here}


  1. These reds are perfect! I only wear classic red~Chanel has a good one too!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  2. love these shades of red. Great picks!

  3. That NARS color is amazing!!!!! Love a good red!


  4. Love that NARS shade! Agree with the lovely Mary. I have to say my all-time favorite is Wicked by Essie. Its not a red, but it says, "I know its fall and I'm awesome" or something like that.
    The Pumpkin Spot