Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Men

It's such a cliche that Valentine's Day is all about the girl receiving a thoughtful and romantic gift - men deserve something great, too! Below are a few ideas for the man in your life {Gift Boutique sign via Shopbop here}:

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Men

Old Maps and Prints antique North Pole map via Etsy {here}
J.Crew buffalo check shirt {here}
Bumble & Bumble grooming creme via Sephora {here}
M&U Co. leather bifold wallet {here}
Butternut Brooklyn cutting board via Etsy {here}
Joyn's men's messenger bag via TOMS {here}
Jacques-Elliott tie via Of A Kind {here}
TOMS grey chambray paseos {here}
Banana Republic navy blazer {here}
QP Collections leather laptop case via Boticca {here}

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