Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday, I'm In Love

I typically blog four days per week, and part of that reason is because I have not thought of a uniquely themed Friday post. I used to always do a fashion + philanthropy post on Fridays, but I got bored and uninspired by the similar content each week. Being that Friday is probably my favorite day of the week, and most of my favorite blog posts by other bloggers are posted on Fridays, I spent a few months trying to think of something that inspires me but is also original. I've decided that each Friday I will post something {I hope for it to mostly be my own photography} that has inspired me that week or makes me excited for the weekend. Or anything, really! I post about fashion-related items all week so Fridays can be my day to slow down and post about something that I feel grateful for. For my first "Friday, I'm In Love" post, I am sharing a photo from a special night here in Georgia back in August. It was my first time visiting Athens, and it was peach season in The Peach State so I made our first dessert in our new place: peach cobbler! This is also the first and only time I've used these gorgeous dessert plates {purchase at Anthropologie here}; I hope this inspires me to try a new dessert recipe and an excuse to bust these plates out again. Have a great weekend :)

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  1. Looks so yummy!
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