Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Of A Kind

Have you heard of Of A Kind?  Well, if so then you know how amazing it is, and if not, then be prepared for a new obsession!  Of A Kind is an awesome online shopping site that offers limited edition and limited quantity pieces by up-and-coming designers.  Some of the Of A Kind alum include Catbird NYC, Lauren Wolf, Lena Wald, Kain Label, Hortense, Bing Bang, and Kelly Wearstler to name a few.  I get excited each time Of A Kind announces a new collaboration because they are all such beautiful pieces made with the finest quality materials.  Below are a few items I LOVE and are still available on Of A Kind {like them on Facebook here}:

Of A Kind

 1. Mociun black diamond square earrings {here}
2. Wolfum tray and coaster set {here}
3. Morgan Carper cape {here}
4. Lulu Frost necklace {here}
5. Isabel Halley Ceramics black and white porcelain mini bowl set {here}
6. Jennie Kwon Designs grey mini pearl ring {here}
7. Eayrslee zip clutch {here}
8. Blanca Monros Gomez sapphire and ruby little studs collection {here}
9. Illbeca by Joy Gryson messenger bag {here}

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  1. Love the lulufost necklace! Great picks:)